453856, Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan, Meleuz, Chemical Plant Square

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Major Russian producer of mineral fertilizers

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Meleuz Mineral Fertilizers JSC (Republic of Bashkortostan, Meleuz) is large Russian manufacturer of mineral fertilizers. The company was established at the facilities of JSC "Mineral Fertilizers" (Meleuz) in summer 2003. The main types of products of the company are nitrogen fertilizers, as well as semi-finished products for their production. The products of the plant conform the highest international standards and are shipped to consumers in Russia, the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

In 2003, the company underwent insolvency proceedings. The insolvency ended with the arrival of a strategic investor at the plant, ready to invest in the development of the company. Through to the economic and social importance, search for an investor was carried out under the supervision and support of the President and the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Currently, the company has a staff of 834 people.

Company within the sity of Meleuz

JSC "Meleuz mineral fertilizers" - the largest company in the city. Over the past year, the share of company in the city budget has increased from 23 to 47%. Increasing production volumes allowed to increase the number of employees of the enterprise, increase and stabilize the payment of wages.

Present day an atmosphere of trust and optimism has developed in the collective of the enterprise. This position of the workforce gives confidence to shareholders and managers of the company in the successful implementation of the most ambitious designs and projects.


Staff for the company “Mineral Fertilizers” are studyed at the vocational lyceum No. 42 located in Meleuz, which was built and put into work as a basic vocational school in 1974.

For advanced training in the JSC "Meleuz mineral fertilizers" have a system of training and retraining of staff. The company has its own training center. Since the foundation of the training center were trained and improved their skills thousands of factory workers. Specialists of the company having a wide experience of practical work take part in preparation of personnel for technological and auxiliary productions and for improvement of their qualification.


Environmental protection is one of the main concerns of shareholders and the management of Meleuz Mineral Fertilizers. Great importance at the company is paid to creating waste-free production and reducing the amount of gaseous emissions. The main workshops for the production of mineral fertilizers work according to the drainless scheme, emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere at the level of advanced enterprises. An environmental service has been created at Meleuz Mineral Fertilizers, consisting of a department of environmental protection and a sanitary laboratory. The environmental service also includes biological wastewater treatment plants, where wastewater is discharged not only from Meleuz Mineral Fertilizers, but also from other industrial enterprises and the population of Meleuz.

About company
453856, Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan, Meleuz, Chemical Plant Square